Studio Hire

Tarncroft Photography is all about flexibility and adapting to the client’s needs. So if you feel like using our resources to create the right photo, then our photographic studio is available for hire.

With a generous space, internet connection and all the equipment you need for taking high-quality pictures, our studio can be used for individual photo sessions, as well as for group ones.

You can create amazing light effects, as the studio is equipped with six modern Bowens flashes, reflectors, backdrops, snoots, soft boxes and reflective or translucent umbrellas. You will be able to let your imagination run free and create any light effect you might want thanks to the backdrops’s tones that range from black and white to the multicolour (fantasy) ones.

Last but not least, the studio offers an airy environment due to the fact that no trailing cables are required for your camera, as the flashes can be activated through radio transmitters. More movement freedom for you and more energy to focus on creating the perfect photo!

Giving you the photographs you want

Studio hire: take your photo just the way you want it!

Tarncroft Photography, Tarncroft, Hewell Lane, Vigo, Bromsgrove, Worcs B60 1LL

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