Kickboxing Photography

Kickboxing, Full Contact Kick and Thaiboxing are
sports that require a lot of energy and adrenaline. It takes the same things for a photographer to capture the highest-quality action photographs during such competitions.

Luckily, people at Tarncroft Photography are specialized for years in Sports photos in general, and in Kickboxing photos in particular. Tim Ayling, the company’s owner, has been photographing kickboxing events for almost 30 years and has covered Full Contact Kick & Thai boxing shows, as well as Points and Light Contact competitions.

Tim has reached to the point where he masters not only the technique, but also the psychology of such competitions - an advantage that helps him capture the most intense moments of a match. He is the official photographer for the World Kickboxing Council and World Ring Sports Association and is more than open to collaborate with other associations as well.

Tarncroft Photography also takes commemorative photographs that are ready on the same day, thanks to the mobile studio the company is using. The photographs can include the event’s name, the competitors’ name, together with any medals or trophies they have won. The pictures are printed and ready to be handed over in under an hour of them being taken.

The company has various offers, such as event packages for
Full contact events (with an event video service included)
and the Sport martial arts package for Points and
Light Contact events. Please contact
Tarncroft Photography for more details.

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